Will Drones Soon Be Carrying People in the Skies?

Could drones soon be carrying people in the skies? The reality of the situation is that drones are currently not large enough to carry people, but there is every possibility that this will change in the near future. Drones fly in much the same way that model airplanes fly so there is every chance that a larger drone can be built that is capable of carrying passengers. If you really think about it, larger drones have been in use for years by certain military organizations, carrying out complex military missions while being controlled from some far-off location. The technology is definitely there and it has been proven for a number of years now. All that is required is for someone to build a drone that is large enough to accommodate passengers and then ensure that it is safe enough for people to fly on.

While this is probably not something that will happen tomorrow, it is almost inevitable that it will eventually happen to the point that manned aircraft might cease to exist at some point. For some individuals, such as those that pilot large commercial Jets, this realization is not that far off. For several years, these jets have been largely controlled by electronics. Even though they still have a full flight crew on board, it is not at all uncommon for the flight crew to merely sit in the cockpit and monitor the electronics in order to ensure that everything is going according to plan. It is almost unheard of for a commercial airliner to be controlled by an individual in this day and age. They are all almost always controlled by the on board computer and the pilot is actually more like a glorified passenger at this point.

The same is true, at least in a certain sense, even for military aircraft. They have specialized onboard computers known as fly-by-wire systems that make them controllable. Without these sophisticated systems, the pilot would be unable to control the aircraft for any length of time. All of this has proven that the technology does indeed exist and that it is possible for a computer to stabilize an aircraft effectively, especially if someone is actually on the ground and flying the drone from a remote location. In reality, the possibilities associated with drones are endless. Eventually, they can be used to transport passengers, cargo and virtually anything else that can be thought of over vast distances, essentially making the traditional airplane nothing more than a museum relic.

The idea that people could sometimes board a drone that is otherwise unmanned and fly on it is rather disconcerting for many individuals. They like to think that there is someone in charge of the aircraft they are flying on. For others, it is a natural progression of technology and something that rather excites them. One thing is certain, this is a type of technology that is progressing rapidly. Therefore, there is every indication that drones will eventually carry passengers in the skies. It is even likely that it will become the main form of transportation and that traditional forms of air travel will eventually become things of the distant past.

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