Facts About the Asteroid Belt


A majority of asteroids is easily found beyond the Mars. The Asteroid belt is formed when they join. Hygiea, Pallas, Vesta, and Ceres are the four largest asteroids. Due to gravitational interactions, some asteroids orbit to nearby Earth space and some migrate or move away from the solar system. The four large asteroids contain more than half the mass. The remaining mass is constituted by myriad smaller bodies. Once a theory was stated regarding the asteroid belt. As per the same, if asteroids are combined, then it can make up a missing planet ‘fifth rocky planet’.

Do you know the location of the asteroid belt? It is located in the space between the Jupiter and Mars. The place is said to be located at the distance of 2.2 and 3.2 AU (astronomical units) from the Sun. The asteroid belt is about one astronomical unit thick. In an average, the distance between objects is quite large. When you stand on the asteroid belt and see the other one, you will find the other one at a far distance place. The objects of the asteroid belt are made up of stone and rock. Some of the objects are solid objects, and most of them consist of orbiting rubble piles.

There are billions of asteroids in the asteroid belt. Some of the asteroids remain large in size. But there are also asteroids in a small pebble like sizes. It is said that there should be at least known 7000 asteroids. The discoverers suggest names to the asteroids, and they also give a number to the found asteroids. There are chances for the asteroids to move away from the belt due to the gravitational influences. The asteroid belt can also be referred as the main belt. It remains unique from other groups like Centaurs and Lagrangians. There are several objects in the asteroid belt, and they are spread over a large area of space.