Does Planetary Alignment Influence Your Luck?

A person’s luck and destiny is said to be written in the stars. A lot of people believe that luck is on their side when the sun and the planets are aligned a certain way. This has influenced “Astrology” and other forms such as runes, card reading or fortune telling. Even Feng Shui, that Oriental belief that placement of certain objects inside the home influences luck and affects a person’s energy, also relies heavily on planetary alignment.

One such example of a planetary alignment or a planetary position to watch out for is Mercury in Retrograde. When this happens, people who believe in its influence brace themselves for a rough patch especially in the field of communications. Since Mercury is the winged messenger of the gods, he is in charge of communications and inter-personal relationships. When the planet goes in retrograde, these systems are expected to bog down.

This is why they say, be extra careful about communications and how you communicate with others when Mercury is in retrograde. This actually happens several times a year and astrologers chart and calendar these to guide people.

Other planetary alignments are not so bad. In some cases, they are known to bring luck and fortune. Think of it as a good time to play the lottery, like your favourite game of Keno.

Keno, just like other games of the lottery, is a random numbers game. The player chooses a set of numbers and expects that there are several matches from the ones randomly drawn by a machine or hopper. Like in all games relying on pure luck, in keno, the odds are very poor. You have to know the rules so you will bet on the best Keno numbers combinations.

A person can choose any random number, like his birthday or house number and probably win. There is no guaranteed procedure in determining the numbers that will be chosen, but if it is your lucky day and your planets are aligned correctly, you just might land a lucky windfall.

People also consult astrologers to ask them about the best dates and times to start on something new in their lives or when they are about to make a big decision. This certainly brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “when the stars are right”.

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