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How Do They Do Cleaning in Outer Space?

How Do They Do Cleaning in Outer SpaceHow do they do cleaning in outer space? Anyone that has a vested interest in space has probably wondered about this question several times. After all, just because there is no gravity in space doesn’t mean that things don’t get dirty, especially when human beings are in the area stirring up dust and adding garbage that must then be cleaned up.

If you look at individuals that are on the space station, you will realize that they clean in much the same way that a person would clean their house. They use liquid detergent which they dilute and  spray using the best pressure washers UK homeowners love to use on surfaces such as walls, floors or areas where meals are eaten and they wipe the detergent off with a cloth. Most of the time, they use disposable gloves while doing so in order to ensure the cleanest environment possible. They also use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust and other irritants that are in the area.

Of course, there is always the problem associated with garbage. Unfortunately, garbage seems to be one of those things that multiplies all by itself any time humans are present, regardless of the location. Space is really no different. Astronauts on the space station create garbage but it cannot be disposed of in space. Instead, they collect the garbage daily and put it in a receptacle where the garbage is then brought back to earth when they return. After that has occurred, the garbage is disposed of in much the same fashion as it would be for anyone here on Earth.

Astronauts also change filters located in air purification systems. Because they are breathing the same air for months on end, this is probably one of the most important things they do and it is not something that can be overlooked. The good news is that as long as everyone keeps up with their duties, it really doesn’t take that long to ensure that the space station remains clean and that no additional garbage or debris is introduced into space itself.


How Do Astronauts Cook Food In Outer Space?

How Do Astronauts Cook Food In Outer Space1That is an interesting question for a couple of reasons. One, on a default it would tell us what astronauts eat in space. Secondly, it would address the question of how is the lack of gravity dealt with such that things would actually stay put. How gravity makes us interact is not something we would think about until faced with the lack of it.

Cooking in space takes a lot of trial and error as well as duct tape and plastic bags. Don’t expect to find one to the top 10 gas ranges up on a space station though because for safety reasons, the most that astronauts have to work with is a microwave. LPG gas tanks simple won’t survive the atmospheric pressure up in space.

Going back to how astronauts “cook” in space… The ground likes to send things in plastic bags upward. The duct tape goes on the table sticky side up to help keep things in place. This does get messy but once enough stuff is on the tape, it is simple to throw it away and open another strip. To cut things use a plastic bag held down by duct tape as a cutting board. It is important not to cut food into too small of pieces. The reason is it is difficult to get them off of your hand due to the lack of gravity. So they are going to have to be brushed off your hand directly into a bag. It can also be helpful to cut within the bag the food is being stored in, but you would need to be extremely careful not to cut the bag in the process.

Another thing to be aware of with food is…the food needs to not be too dry in order to be transferred when it is done. In order to remedy this, foods that are normally served dry, such as scrambled eggs, need sauce added to them. A final thing that may not be so obvious is: there is a lot of trash involved at every stage of cooking in space. Unlike when on the ground, it needs to be cleaned up immediately because of the lack of gravity. It would also be safe to assume that when cooking in space, a lot of disinfectant wipes are gone thru as well.

A final interesting tidbit that would be obvious if you thought about it…spices such as salt and pepper are only available in liquid form. If they were there in solid form, they would just float away. This could result in getting in someone’s eyes or just as bad damaging vents.

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