Each day, countless tons of space substance is showered on the Earth. The majority of the objects get vaporized in the atmosphere, and some larger pieces fall on the ground. Do you know where the objects actually come from? Well, such objects come from the asteroids. The objects could be different kinds of rocks. These would have existed since the dawn of solar system.

The Meteoroid is those small metallic chunks or rocky materials that come through space. It will be in size of the dust. The small meteoroids are also known as space dust or micrometeoroids. Such fragments could also due to the collisions between the solar system bodies like Mars or the Moon or could be remaining comet debris. In our Earth’s history, several meteorites both small and large in size have reached our Earth surface. Some of the famous meteorites are Hoba, the Fukang, the Williamette Meteorite and the Allende.

The Fukang Meteorite comes under the stony iron meteorite type. It is the best example of pallasite. It has large gem similar to olivine crystals, and the peace of such meteorite is very popular among collectors. It has a good demand among people who collect such meteorites.

The Hoba Meteorite is seen in Africa. It is found in Namibia. The size of the Hoba Meteorite is very large. It will be about sixty tonne rock size. It is impossible to move. The Hoba Meteorite is preserved as a National Memorial in Namibia. The experts say that fell around 80,000 years ago.